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Today is Friday, March 7th, 2014. We were married 986 days ago, on June 25th, 2011.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jet Set

When you travel a lot:
  • You have a favorite restaurant at the Charlotte International Airport
  • You have all your pants pockets emptied out and into a specific zippered compartment of your carry-on before you ever get in line for security
  • You can balance on each foot alternately to untie the other shoe while standing upright
  • You get on a plane in the snow, and get off surrounded by palm trees
  • You've thought about buying the Garden Yeti, the FootSmart SmartFlexx, or a set of personalized beer mats from the SkyMall catalog
  • You know that soccer games and action movies are just as good without the headphones
  • You have three sizes of carry-on luggage: pretty small, really small, and why bother
  • You know that it's almost impossible to find dark chocolate in the newsstands
  • You've given up on finding local tourist merchandise that isn't the same stuff as everywhere else with a different decal on it 
  • You throw all of your change into your carry-on instead of putting it in your pocket
  • You wonder who shops at the PGA Tour Shop in an airport
  • You overtip the server at the themed restaurant in the concourse — a bad enough job in the best of circumstances, here coupled with a daily commute to the airport and trip through security
  • You know that your moderately determined walking pace beats almost everyone on the moving walkway
  • You treasure that extra fifty feet after the security area, especially when it has a bench so you can put on your shoes and your belt and find your wallet and watch again
  • You know when to feed the cab driver just a little more information to keep him navigating comfortably without confusing him with too much detail
  • You know that there are only two or three magazines (New Yorker, New York Review, The Sun) that can sustain a three-hour flight, no matter how interesting all the covers in the newsstand might be
  • You've been so bored that you bought a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray to see what all the hype was about, and have later contributed it to a garage sale or library donation
  • You wonder if Wolfgang Puck would have ever had a career as a chef if his name had been Wally Morton
  • You know that departure is up, arrival is down
  • You know how to walk down an airplane aisle like a two-dimensional Egyptian painting, briefcase in front and carry-on in back and nothing side-to-side
If I think about my air-travel experience divided into decades...
0-10 years old:  none
10-20 years old:  twice
20-30 years old:  once
30-40 years old:  six times
40-50 years old:  about 25 times
50-54 years old:  at least 40 times

So over the next five years, the trend predicts that I should travel by air about once every two weeks.  Just between now and early summer, I have trips to San Francisco, Daytona Beach (again), Chicago, Portland ME, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Baltimore again.  And those are just the ones I know about right now, and after a trip to Europe and two weekends in Florida over the past six weeks.

I just flew home from Charlotte... and boy, are my arms tired!

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  1. This is priceless! And how did you know that Julio came home from a trip last week and campaigned for the Garden Yeti? I was flying back from Orlando a few weeks ago, unable to fit my carryon into the overhead compartment (ah, the trials of being in Zone 8). Why? It was filled with a 4 foot tall Marge Simpson doll, which was so awesome I couldn't even get angry about it.